My date with a customer ended today with these words: Becoming successful is simple, you just have to know what you really want and be courageous/brave. And that really is so simple. But this is not easy at all… And it shouldn’t be otherwise everybody would be successful.

Actually it is easy, but we ourselves make it hard or challenging. How? Well at first and most important, we are not clear what we want and we concentrate on the things we don’t want. Such things like struggle with money, fear that we don’t have enough time for family, other shiny business opportunities etc…


The secret to success is simple. It’s a three-step formula – Intention, Attention, No Tension.


Intention represents the clarity of your vision. What is it that you want?

My customers often say. Well I want to build a business which is well know (or market leader) company in my country.. I say… Ok.. HOW DO YOU KNOW you’re well-known company? Describe it to me. What would have happened if you are a well-known company?!

Do you see the difference? The level of clearance is totally different. The statement “well-known” is a foggy word.. how do you measure it, what does it mean to you? The same with “being successful” – well how do you know you’re successful. Get clear what do you want. Maybe you’re there already?!


Attention represents you butting your attention to your Intention. That means whenever being faced with a choice, decision or opportunity you choose in favor of you Intention to come true. You remind yourself your Intentions every day. You see them in front of your eyes (on a vision board for example, or written on your home screen) every day. Attention means you do the FIRST STEPS you FEEL you NEED to DO in order for your Intention to come true.

Attention does not mean that you know the whole way to your Intentions to come true. Attention is not being obsessed with it, or hanging on to it, demanding that things should happen in your way alone.


No Tension means letting go. You can’t have a tomato if digging the seed in every five minutes, asking why aren’t you growing already. No Tension means trusting higher power (is it God, Universe or Higher Self) to bring you what you ask for. It means you let go of the demand that things should always work in your way. No Tension means you’re doing everything you can or feel is in your power to do (in attention phase) and trust that you have done the right thing and your Intentions are growing (like seeds) for you to get the result you’re hoping for!


We always get where are strongest emotions are.

On a daily bases what is it that you’re concentrated on? where are your strongest emotions? Is it the things you want in your life, are the emotions positive behind these thoughts or are the emotions such as “why am I not already there” – having the feeling of hopelessness?

Are you concentrated on the value you provide to your customers or are you thinking how to bay your overdue bill with the money you get from your next customer? Meaning – concentrating on Money Struggle.

Do you FEEL thankful every day for the things you’ve already accomplished or have in your life, or are unsatisfied and thinking “If I only would be there, then I would be happy and satisfied and thankful” You probably have heard – what you think is what you get… let me reframe it: WHAT YOU FEEL IS WHAT YOU GET!

Turn your feelings into being thankful and concentrate on the value you bring to others… and see the magic happen in your life. Then ask what can go even better?

Start with clearing your vision and FEEL it already being true.

Practice being thankful everyday by writing down at least three things you’re thankful for this day.