I wrote it as future position in organisations, but the leader organisations are already looking for great people to fill this position. If they haven’t found them already. Before I go to the position, I’ll explain few things, why is it important to have this position.

According to Gallup Study 2017,  just 15% of adults working full time for employer are engaged at work. Engaged meaning they are highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace.

Now where comes innovation?

Innovation comes from inside the people. People who are engaged and practically obsessed, to create better results in something they are deeply passioned about. Passion in this case is a vision of something higher.

For innovation the workforce needs to be passioned and engaged in what they do. Employees have to know what is the WHY of the organisation they’re working for. Plus they have to know their own personal core values. Why is it important for them to work in that position and organisation. Only those who know their unique ability, know WHY it’s important to be part of this team. They are then passioned about their work, and are able to bring innovative thinking into the team.

If the driver for workforce is other than mission based will… No innovation will probably come out from such workforce.

The concept of self leading company

Team leaders and managers spend tremendous time, energy and money to keep their teams motivated, energised and eyes sparkling. All for the cause to come up with new ideas and better results.

Managers shouldn’t lose their energy into uplifting someone else’s energy. Employees should have their energy come from inside. Not from someone else, nor motivational trainings, videos etc.

When a person is passioned, even obsessed about something they do, they have this inner fire that keeps them going. That inner fire keeps their eyes sparkling and ideas continuously coming.

In self leading company team leaders and managers are the guides and encouragers for their teams. They are in service, to provide all needed tools and recourses the team needs. The ideas and executions comes from the team itself, with having the fire inside, to fulfil their mission.

Future position in organisations

To get and keep the workforce engaged, organisations need to invest time and money into speakers, trainers and coaches. In order to rase the awareness of the employees and work with them one-on-one. The need is to help employees find their unique ability (and self worth). To have the courage to present their ideas and bring value to the team, only they can bring. Organisations need to work with employees belief system. Negative beliefs, that prevents them to give better results at work. Employers need to help their employees find what are they passioned about and why is it important to them (their WHY and core values). Then connect employees passions and core values with the mission and vision of the organisation.

Today lot’s of managers are taking coaching trainings to better understand and work with their employees. But this is only the tip of an iceberg. Often management teams in organisations don’t have enough recourses to go very deep in employees coaching to build their awareness. Especially when having lots of other duties.

Hiring coaches and trainers from the outside, is very expensive for the organisations. So the future position in organisations is inside coach/trainer. Somebody who works with workforce awareness building, their beliefs, core values and connecting them with organisations mission and vision. To get and keep their workforce engaged and passioned. In order to be self leading company, and to build innovative products and services.

Do you think this is needed in organisations? Let me know what are your thoughts on that?