Many entrepreneurs struggle with lack of productivity. One of the biggest struggle I have learned is procrastination and how to hold the focus on the important stuff that needs to be done.

I’m sure you are familiar with the long known truth that concentrating on the important things take you to your desired destination, but the important things are usually not the ones that are urgent. Everyday life on the other hand makes us react on urgent things. Other peoples requests, e-mails, customer service, family etc.

Have you ever thought why you react on the urgent stuff all the time, but not hold your focus on the things that take you to your desired results? Well one thing is that it is your habitual action taking blueprint and also habitual thinking witch action to choose for.

But it really is a sign that you think your not worthy. You might say you’re not thinking that way, but your everyday actions tell a different story. And what is the best way to know about persons real values? – Look at them and their daily actions. Then you see their real values, not the one they say they have.

What do I mean by saying lack of productivity is the sign of not valuing yourself.

I recently had a customer doing Passion Test and one of her passions was that she is done with the doctoral thesis defence.But her problem was that she have had procrastinated working on her doctoral thesis for few years already.

When I asked why haven’t you reached your goals yet. She said, we’ll thereś always something coming between. Like her kid gets sick and she has to stay home with her. Her boss or clients asks to go on a sudden meeting or asks to do an urgent task etc. She knows what she supposed to do, but having lack of motivation and the occasions that always comes between, really have pushed her doctoral thesis into unknown future.

Why do you procrastinate?

My client knows what she needs to do, but won’t do it. Why? Because she habitually thinks that serving others before herself is the right thing to do. And that comes from childhood experience. We have been taught that you’re selfish if you don’t help others. And so we are frightened and believe that when we say no to others, they must think we are selfish. But if we act like this all the time (it becomes a habit) it means we say no to our needs all the time and so tell ourself that our needs are not important – meaning we are not worthy. We constantly “drive over” our needs and ourselves, without even realising it. And we actually think that it’s good for us.

What do you think how harmful is this? Often in result people loose themselves and then they don’t know anymore, what is it that THEY want after all. Result to that is that you procrastinate even more, because you don’t have any clear vision anymore. You don’t know why you do what you do, for what reason etc. People then just have the fuzzy dreams. I want more money, I want freedom, I want better relationships.

Helping others is not a bad thing, but it is a bad thing to not listen and fulfil your own needs and desires. The key is to take the win-win attitude. How to solve situations so you yourself wont lose anything and others would be happy as well.

Procrastination – a daily habit for many entrepreneurs.

What about entrepreneurs who do not have to react to customers, or any other people. Well let me share my own experience.

I remember when being a little girl, I had no problem going out on the streets and turn to people and sell anything I saw possible – my toys that I didn’t need anymore, flowers from my mothers garden, rhubarbs from my grandmother etc. I even liked the activity, because it was exiting. My thought was, how much could I get out of it. And I liked communicating with people.

But in the adult hood I never liked to sell anything to strangers. What a great thing, not to like, for entrepreneur right 😀

I have worked with my selling fears for long time already and it get’s better and better. But recently I discovered myself thinking. Why is that – I liked selling as a child, but don’t like it anymore. What happened? What made the difference?

As a coach I knew how important it is to change your beliefs if I want desired results in my life. And as an entrepreneur I have this stubbornness that I won’t quit before I get the results I desire. So I was digging deep.

I realised that when I was about 12 years old, they began to tell me that it is not polite to bother other people with my stuff. Then a limiting belief rose above that self-respecting people do not annoy other people. And that says it all…. In my adult hood I was acting according to my beliefs. That selling means bothering people and so I was disrespectful for myself, and as self respecting person I didn’t want to be annoying to others. I’ve always wanted to be liked.

But let’s see, is it really true?! That people who really respect themselves do not take action, to fulfil their desires no matter what it takes? 🙂 Even selling to other people 😀 I believe not. I believe that hiding behind the fear of being annoying to others is disrespectful for oneself. Why?! Because you do not respect yourself enough to fulfil your own desires. Again you “drive yourself over”.

I believe that people who really respect themselves, worthy themselves and so listen to themselves. And they take action accordingly. They do what is needed to fulfil their strongest desires, no matter what the cause is. Self-respecting person knows his or her value and is not afraid to show it to the world. And just out of strong self-respect he or she takes action (sells for example), in order to create his or hers own well-being and prosperity.

I have three businesses that I manage today, plus two little girls (5y and 1y). It takes tremendous focus to get stuff moving in those three businesses. Today when my self-worthiness gets stronger and stronger I stay focused (have no problem with procrastination) and keep myself accountable to achieve my daily goals. Simply because I respect myself enough and believe I’m worthy. Even when I slip for a moment and find myself wondering around (reading some article in the internet for example or going through my e-mails), I notice the situation today and right away ask my self, is this serving ME and my desires. If not, I turn back to the important stuff that does. Thats a new habit I’m developing here.


Why do you procrastinate?

There can be many different reasons for procrastination and lack of productivity. One major is the reason that you don’t worthy yourself enough. And thats a sneaky one. We often don’t want to admit it to ourselves (like I didn’t).

To find it out start asking yourself questions. Why do I act or response to the urgent stuff all the time? Why can’t I stay focused? Why do I procrastinate certain action (selling for example, or contacting the unpleasant customer)?

It might be that you have lost yourself already, by reacting too much to other needs. You might not know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing (a hint “better life” is not your real WHY?). It might be that you’re already in the lack of knowing what you really want? If so do The Passion Test with me. I’ll get you clear. It really is a good tool. I’ll help you find yourself again.

Give me some feedback. Did you recognise yourself in these situations? What will you do to change your habit of procrastination?


PS! English is not my mother tongue. If you see misspellings or wrong sentence structure, please indicate to it and lets make the article better to read for all of us. My intention is to provide value to you, by sharing my own experience.