Liina is an inspiring speaker with a powerful story. She has the unique ability to empower any audience to think about what is it that they really want in their life, what is their path and what are they truly passioned about. She wont leave anyone coldhearted and encourage audiences to take action on their wildest dreams.


“Stop digging your own grave”

Through my own life experience I make crystal clear to your audience, why is it important to earn at least living with the things one are truly passioned about. During this speaking I share the secret of successful living and give starter kit on how to find the things that makes one’s eyes sparkle.

“Start building the fulfilling entrepreneurial career”

The secret behind successful entrepreneurship. Practical tools on what are one’s (entrepreneur) personal strengths and who are the people needed in one’s team to complete him/her. How to build business that doesn’t own one (business owner).

“Focusing on the 90% of people you don’t market to” 

You’ll get step-by-step strategy on how to attract 90% of your total market potential including your ideal target audience, in a way that separates you from most of the competition. Doesn’t matter if it is in online marketing, off-line or face to face meeting in a networking event.

“The Passion Test® workshop” 

In this workshop your audience find out their TOP 5 passions. I’ll reveal the secret to live a fulfilling and successful life. The audience get tool for life, that they can use again and again by themselves.