Unique Brand Conception®

Coaching Program

We are all different and unique as individuals. We all have unique abilities and strengths, that no one else has. We have talents, that only we are able to give to the world and it is selfish to keep it to ourselves.

As we are unique as individuals, our businesses are unique as well. Each business though have to know it’s unique abilities, to be able to differentiate oneself from the competition. If you don’t know your biggest strengths and uniqueness, you’ll only conquer with price and in this world there are no winners.

If you know your deep WHY?!, your strengths and uniqueness and you do your business with passion, your creativeness gets boosted and you’ll be able to create services and products that no one else is able to. This again gives you huge advantage in competition.

If you’re interested, please leave your contacts through this form, and we’ll contact you within two business days.

In our Unique Brand Conception® coaching program you’ll get clear:

  • What is yours and your business’s unique ability that separates you from all the competition.

  • What is your true WHY?!, why people should follow you?

  • Who is your ideal customer.

  • What is your unique origin story, that grabs the attention of your target audience.

  • What is you business’s true values, that connects and keeps your ideal customers with you.

  • What are your clear intentions with your brand.

  • Strategic action plan on marketing, how to deliver your uniqueness to your ideal customer.

Unique Brand Conception® coaching program takes about 1,5 – 3 months (it also depends on the customer).