Here’s my story…

I am the third and youngest child to my father. We where very close in my childhood. I was a real fathers daughter. He took me everywhere with him. 

My father taught me to be courageous, goal oriented and independent woman. He had great expectations on me. 

At the age of 23 I had just reached another one of my goals, which was to live and work for some time in the United States. I was living in Orlando and had such an amazing time there… until one day I received a call from my mother, with message that “Daddy is not there anymore”… My father died, at the age of 51!

Our whole family and relatives were in shock. How can it be?!? A healthy man with no health problems, living a great lifestyle, doing sports.. just suddenly died. My father was an entrepreneur. 

I had to come back home to take over my fathers business, together with my older brother. But to reach my own goals, I had for myself, I also went to do the Masters Degree in Business Administrations, plus went to a daily job. 

I had everything up and running 3 years after my fathers sudden death. I had everything: perfect job, awesome car, new apartment, new happy relationship… but my health was awful. I felt like I’m going to die soon. Even my partner asked if I’m going to stay alive… But the doctors said, that I’m perfectly well. 

Luckily, after months of research and visiting different doctors, I found one that was familiar with mindset issues. So she asked me, what am I thinking of daily? That question changed my life.

Long story short. I wasn’t happy with the work I was doing, although it was a perfect job, with a great salary, awesome team and environment. My hearts desire was to be an entrepreneur… I decided, no matter what, I will always follow my hearts desire… and no kidding, only that decision changed my health issues 180 degrees. 

I have now been entrepreneur for almost 10 years now. Constantly improving myself in life and business. With my experience and skills, I truly believe today that my mission is to save lives, by helping entrepreneurs to follow their hearts biggest desires.


All decisions in life must be made in such a way that one should not regret the failure to do anything in old age.

A person must follow ones heart desires.


“Liina Rukki was my prime choice since the day we started working together. Why? Due to her sharp business sense and abundant marketing expertise, who else would have better coached me towards discovering my unique business contribution than Liina. Liina always asks the right question and offers valuable piece of advice when it comes to personal strengths, branding, finding ideal clients and successful market positioning. If you are looking for a reliable sparing partner that will accompany you in coming up with tangible results, Liina Rukki is the right person to turn to!”

~ Maja Arsic, Germany

“She’s very passionate about the work she’s doing. It was so easy to talk with her. She is inspiring and very motivating. The time flies with her and I was waiting every time next coaching session. Hopefully I have the chance to work with her again.”

~ Leanika Järve, Estonia

Liina Rukki and ASAP Engagement tool – she brought back me, the real me! She was able to sum-up and integrate all my self-searching from last years. A person can only be her best if she knows who she is and what are her values. I was “lost” for so many years and my daily activities lacked a destination. I didn’t know where and why am I moving. I just did my activities. It is truly liberating to feel and have the courage to feel that I am today doing these things that are truly meaningful to me and which I really care about. I can apply myself properly in everyday activities and I make decisions that serve my longer vision. I had hard time saying “no” and accepted all the offers, precisely because I didn’t know where I was going – I was in search and dissatisfied. Today, being self-aware, I dare to say “no” and make choices that really give me the true emotion and feeling of it. I dare to look into myself and therefore move the right path for myself, both in work and in my private life. Thank you Liina for doing what you do! You are wonderful!

~ Kristi Jõeorg, Estonia


All people earn at least living with something that is their passion, which is close to their heart and brings the sparkle into their eyes.

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Janet Attwood & Liina Rukki
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